Heavyweigbt Dub

This is the first AWR press. This product is an original work, it has very deep grooves and sounds 3 D.


Dip in the Italian Sound System culture and roots CSOA/ ITALIA-OKKUPATA EX-PHANTER PARAMILITARY-WING




International Dub Warrior productions

Air Warrior is a paramilitary cultural project born in 1996 that has its origins in the Italian Autonomous Movement and the Sound System, promoting its spiritual and metaphysical mission through the power of music. Reggae Roots and Dub are the main musical styles. The musical inspiration comes from having in possession of the tapes of Jah Shaka from the South Hall in London, thanks to adventurers who went to England and bought Tapes which they then duplicated and sold between 1995 and 1996 at the "Coppola Rossa Okkupata" in Adelfia in the province of Bari. Since then dub music has been the main stream. Rihno (Hell's Vastas Bari), a week before leaving the earth, mounted software on Air Warrior Mac that allowed him to start composing. Since then, after a few seasons of selling crepes at festivals, from Rototom Sunsplash in Venice to the festivals of Ampollino, Arezzo Wave and so on, Air Warrior has built a small 3500W sound system. Almost every week during the good season it plays dub and roots everywhere from organized sessions to wild ones, on the beach or in old abandoned infrastructures. The main basic support comes from his wife Valeria who has always been by his side. Air Warrior plays totally analog instruments, vinyls are used with irrigation technique (the needle works underwater), uses tube preamplifier, analog graphic equalizer, highly professional cables. Air Warrior has developed over the years and released its first “Dub Imperial” record in 2015 at 12 ″ 33 laps

Full Judgment Time Productions

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